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August 28 2017

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Tyler Posey @ MTV Video Music Awards 2017

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Tyler Posey attends the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California.

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Tyler Posey @ MTV Music Video Awards 2017

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Ian Bohen attends at VMAs 2017

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Ian Bohen attends the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California.

August 26 2017

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The picture displays two Romani women demonstrating the Romanian government’s proposal to change the official name of the Romani people from “Romani”/”Roma”, which means “man” and is a word from the official language of the Romani people, to “Tigan”, which is a racist slur meaning the same as the slur “Gypsy”. 

The government says the name change is necessary because of the possible confusion among the international community between the words “Romani”/”Roma”,  which refers to the Romani ethnic minority and Romanian, which refers to the people from the European country Romania.

The Roma women display signs that read, in Romani chib and Romanian, “I am a Roma”.

Bucharest, Romania. November, 2010.

This is fucking awful.

Also, I think it’s important to note that “Tigan” doesn’t mean the same thing as “gypsy”.

They’re certainly racist slurs, but I think it’s commonly held opinion among Roma that “tigan”, “cigan”, “tzigan”, “zigeuner”, “zingari”,  “chingene” and all other variants is a far worse slur. If someone calls me a gypsy, I’m certainly not happy, especially coming from gadje, but if someone calls me tzigan, that’s fighting words and Del knows that we’ll be taking it out into the street. 

All of these words are derived from the Greek, “athinganoi”. This word basically means slave, untouchable, anti-social. It is a deeply vile slur, and honestly just reducing it to “gypsy” is wrong. Gypsy is obviously based on Egyptian which like… is frustrating, and inaccurate, and it’s certainly been used to single us out and used as a slur, but NOT in the same way as tzigan has been.

Otherwise, thanks for sharing. The Romanian government’s bullshit excuse of “it sounds too similar to Romanian” even though they didn’t call themselves that until the 19th century honestly gets my blood boiling. Also, our “R” sound is different than their “R” sound, me te merav.




why are 18 year olds so stupid

excuse you i’m almost 22 and i’m still a fucking moron


someone being a jerk: i have depression okay????

me, who also has depression:

"it's easy" can make scary tasks scarier



When people are struggling or afraid to try something, well-meaning people often try to help them by telling them that the thing is easy. This often backfires.

For instance:

  • Kid: I don’t know how to write a paper! This paper has to be 5 pages long, and we have to do research! It’s so hard!
  • Parent: Don’t worry. 5 pages isn’t that much. This isn’t such a hard assignment. 

In this interaction, the parent is trying to help, but the message the kid is likely hearing is “This shouldn’t be hard. You’re failing at an easy thing.”

If something is hard or scary, it’s better to acknowledge that, and focus on reassuring them that it is possible. (And, if necessary and appropriate, help them to find ways of seeing it as possible.)

For instance:

  • Kid: I don’t know how to write a paper! This paper has to be 5 pages long, and we have to do research! It’s so hard!
  • Parent: It’s hard, and that’s ok. You can do hard things.
  • Parent: What are you writing about?
  • Kid: Self-driving cars. But I can’t find anything. 

And so on.

This isn’t unique to interactions between parents and children. It can also happen between friends, and in other types of relationships.

tl;dr If something’s hard for someone, telling them that it’s easy probably won’t help. Reassuring them that they can do hard things often does help, especially if you can support them in figuring out how to do the thing.

They have actually done research on this. In cultures and households where kids are told that to struggle with something is a good thing, the kids are more likely to continue to try to do the thing before giving up. In their minds, they are thinking “This thing is hard but if I keep trying or try a different method, maybe I will succeed at it.”

Telling people that things should be easy or that it should come natural (aka talent), actually inhibits their willingness to try as they think that if they can’t do a task that is “easy”, something must be wrong with them.

August 24 2017

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Hayley Williams photographed by Jason Nocito (2017)

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August 23 2017

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Before you have to ask, it’s pronounced Heck-lin…

August 22 2017

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tylerl_hoechlin: “Had WAY too much fun at Laguna Seca this past weekend. @ianbohen - Bobo I see why you love that place so much. Thank you @jaguarusa and @landroverusa for an awesome and truly unforgettable experience!”

August 21 2017

August 20 2017


the Hogwarts teachers were my favourite part of the books remember in CoS when they were so sick of Lockhart that they chased him out of the staffroom by reminding him he’d said he could kill Slytherin’s monster in seconds, remember in OotP when they couldn’t tell Harry they approved of his interview so they did wildly extravagant favours for him, like giving him twenty house points for passing a watering can, or bursting into tears and announcing that he’d live a long and happy life? on that note remember how much McGonagall disliked Trelawney and all her little digs, and remember how she ran forward to brace Trelawney as she was being kicked out by Umbridge? remember how McGonagall ran out to defend Hagrid from trained Aurors with nothing but her words and took four Stunning Spells to the chest? remember when she told Peeves how to unscrew the chandelier? i could go on about McGonagall especially for days but i love all of them so much




I’ve repeatedly seen British people make fun of American food for apparently always being either “too sweet or too salty” but our cuisine is still pretty mild compared to a lot of other countries, and having repeatedly tried British food, I’m pretty sure the term you’re looking for is “having any flavor at all.”

Britain invaded over half the world for spices and then decided they didn’t like any of them

you’re half-joking but that is legitimately what happened

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you are welcome (◕‿-)

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