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May 22 2018



If raven was your favorite teen titan as a kid you gay now


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Knock on my wood then, Mr. Lumberjack 👅👅👅

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May 21 2018

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Scoob and the gang have an existential crisis.

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Bee Hotels for Solitary Bees

You may be wondering what bees need a hotel for, when they make their own hives. The truth is that many species of bees are solitary – the do not live in hives but instead construct their own nest. The main reason for this is because in these species every female is fertile and this would not make for comfortable communal living in a hive.

air bee n bee

May 19 2018

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Chadwick Boseman & Chris Evans at Marvel Studios Fan Event in 2014


if you were a “gifted kid” in elementary theres an 100% chance youre gay and depressed now

May 17 2018

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Michael B. Jordan photographed by Justin Bishop for Vanity Fair during the 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France (May, 2018).

May 16 2018

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You know, I think it’s one of the things I love the most about this job. I love the excitement of trying to crack who the person is that I’m going to play. There’s something about that process of living in a person’s skin for a certain period of time and then taking that off and finding myself again. You’re a different person after you’ve done that.

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May 15 2018

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Steve & that Blue Shirt





straight girl: *sees literally any guy with a lisp*
😳 guys… my Gaydar®™©…. is tingling. 😩🖖 i have the best Gay senses. 🤔 i have the power ✊ to see 🕵🏻 right through the Gay’s thick 👥 external straight™ layers and into their ⭐️gay⭐️ soul. 👁 i am one with the gay community. 🙌👬 I can feel their kind in my bones🙏 …. A gay psychic🔮…. If u will…… 👀

After a gay guy says another “masculine” guy is gay.
Straight girl: You are just hoping. 😒Trust me, my Gaydar®™ is amazing💅 I visited NYC/San Francisco once 👬👬 You just wish he was gay because you want him 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨if he were gay 🌈 I would ✨know✨besides, one time, we met eyes 🌜🌛 and let me tell you, 💁 he wants me 😘

Stereotyping straights are we?

Yeah bc they won’t stop murdering us so we unwind from the stress with some light humour

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the straights are at it again

Reblog if you are a greedy gay hoarding refracted light all for your greedy gay self

I totally am, but also: I have a story. The time: 1995. The place: a small liberal arts college. We decided to participate in “denim day” which was a widespread event wherein on National Coming Out Day, you would wear denim to indicate SUPPORT FOR the LGBT community. Our support group made posters that were very, very clear about this. Wearing denim did not mean that you were coming out, it meant you supported anyone around you who might.

I have never seen so many suits and khakis IN MY LIFE. People who accidentally wore jeans went home and changed.

The community took it as a rebuke. We drew in closer to eachother, and felt unwelcome everywhere we thought we had friends before.

And I had people later tell me “You know I support you, just… I didn’t want anyone to think I was.” First off, I DON’T know you support me. Not if you refuse to, for one day, change nothing about your life to show it. Second off… why is that such a terrifying thought to you?

I remember before rainbows were a “gay thing”. They were everywhere. Church walls next to arks. School walls next to sunshine faces. People have VOLUNTARILY abandoned every other use. I have HEARD PEOPLE SAY they just couldn’t use rainbows anymore because people would think of “gay stuff.”

So I know this is a joke, and a stolen one at that, but you’ve done this to yourselves. If someone is so terrified of being perceived as queer that they will INSTANTLY abandon something they like if it has queer germs on it now or something, then they don’t deserve refracted light.

Maybe help us change the world into a place where being mistaken for queer would be just a thing to chuckle about and you can have refracted light back.

The LGBTQ+ community didn’t steal the rainbow. The straights abandoned it.


me: god i love paranormal shit and urban legends

me, after indulging in aforementioned content:



An action being “punishable by a fine” basically means “legal for rich people”.

Oh wow. That’s…

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 I’m afraid of Americans

This is super real.

Completely accurate.




I’m proud to identify as morosexual. I’m attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusively. A guy asked me what the Spanish word for tortilla was once and now I dream of kissing him under the moonlight

this same idiot: what kind of animal is the pink panther

me, already taking off my clothes: benjamin you’re so fucking stupid

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