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January 27 2018


me watching monsters inc as a kid: how did it take so long for anyone to figure out that human child laughter not only produced energy like screams, but was more effective, and that children aren’t actually dangerous at all?

me watching monsters inc now: monsters incorporated, a multi-billion dollar corporate giant, stood to make extra profits off a scream shortage because low supply with high demand makes it possible to charge a fortune for a necessary commodity and everyone has no choice but to pay the high prices because they can’t go without electricity. Therefore Monsters Inc, as well as any other major powers that may have existed at the start of the era of using scream energy, fabricated the idea that only screams could generate sustainable energy sources in order to create artificial scarcity, because laugh energy was far easier to obtain and far more efficient, and therefore stood to lower the value of energy due to surplus. They also fabricated the idea that human children were toxic, in order to a) make other monsters too afraid to go near them to do research and possibly discover the secret of laugh energy, and b) to make monsters so afraid of going near them that there is a shortage of scarers, making it harder for rival companies to rise up and create competition. Even in the monster world, capitalism is based on lies, greed and cruelty, and even monster companies have no qualms about using and abusing children to maximize profits.


someone: *offers perfectly reasonable advice that would go a long way to solving my problems*





el tigre es pequeño y gordo

the tiger is small and fat

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No that’s ok Seb, I didn’t need to sleep tonight

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Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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Sebastian Stan photographed by Adam Fussel for Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


Two bros chilling in a warm bed, spooning each other cause they are gay

January 23 2018

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Cody Christian photographed by Arthur Galvao for Bello Mag. Cody wears sweatshirt Fendi, necklace + watch IceLink



i’m seeing a lot of people reblogging suicide hotlines and this is just a reminder that this is a suicide help line that works like a text-based instant messenger for people who may need to talk to someone but have trouble/are uncomfortable making phone calls

Never don’t reblog this.
There are so many people who have such bad anxiety about phone calls.
This can save so many lives

January 21 2018



i love myself but i dont love me back

i have never ever related to anything so fucking hard

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October 23 2017

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Cody Christian photographed by Arthur Galvao for Bello Mag. Cody wears sweatshirt Fendi, necklace + watch IceLink

October 19 2017



So, when I was doing my thesis on whether or not fanfiction should be considered a legitimate genre of literature, my advising professor asked me for examples.  I gave him the generic ones, of course - “Pride & Prejudice and Zombies” is a horror fanfic of “Pride & Prejudice”, “50 Shades of Grey” is an erotica fic of “Twilight" - and that seemed to make him understand what fanfiction is, but not how it’s useful.  So I thought about it, and, after about a minute, I said, “Paradise Lost is basically a fanfiction of the Book of Genesis.  And The Divine Comedy is an epic self-insertion fic for Catholic doctrine.  So, basically, you were teaching us fanfiction last semester.”  I had never before seen a grown man’s eyes widen with such fear, incomprehension, disgust, awe, and understanding.

#does that mean the renaissance was almost entirely fan art?

Yes. Yes it does. All ur classic favs had the Renaissance version of DeviantArt. 


someone: talks to me in a way that seems the teeniest bit off, hardly noticeably different than their norm
me: lies down in the shower sadly, wondering where i went wrong in this friendship

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today on ‘reasons i love john boyega’

October 18 2017




if that sewer clown makes himself an image of your worst fear before he eats you, i could kick his ass. what’s he gonna do turn into the physical manifestation of being abandoned by your closest friends? gonna turn into an ooky spooky visual representation of catastrophic failure and loss? jokes on you dumbass the only thing im afraid of is myself

This is an actual plot point in the book though as I recall, he doesn’t like hunting adults usually because hes a) a cowardly parasite and b) Children have very tangible fears that can be easily manifested physically while adults generally have quite abstract or conceptual fears about the future, or events, or feelings.

pennywise aint shit

Abstract fears have reached the youngins these days, pussywise gonna starve

October 16 2017

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Chris Evans out in Atlanta x x

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